Water air coolers what are they ?

Water air coolers what are they
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The water air coolers cool and filter the air using the simple natural principle of evaporation to bring a steady stream of fresh air in hot and unpleasant environments.

Water Cooler Anatomy & Cooling Process

A fan placed inside the coolers to water draws air from the outside environment; once sucked inside the machine, the air passes through a cellulose panel corrugated honeycomb, also said evaporating panel constantly wet by a distribution system and pumping water. Soaked through the alveoli of water evaporating panel, the air cools down by heating the water that evaporates. This creates a system of natural evaporative cooling. At the exit of the cooler,   the air is fresh, clean and purified from odors and airborne germs, economically and ecologically.

At the end of the operation the water coolers of the line downloading the residual water contained inside them, for evitarene stagnation.

Fixed and mobile installations of water coolers range allow greater energy savings, are manufactured using durable and safe materials, are easy to use and allow you to breathe fresh air 100%.

What is evaporative cooling?

The evaporative cooling is the same cool feeling that is felt after a  summer storm, when you are near a waterfall or when it leaves the water after a  swim in the summer: it is the feeling of the water evaporates, thereby reducing the temperature.

The energy possessed from the air consists of two parts: the sensible heat, or what we perceive and which is quantified by measuring the air temperature and the latent heat, ie the energy that is expended to evaporate the ‘ contained in the air in the form of water vapor.

The refrigeration due to ‘evaporation consists precisely in the exchange of energy between water and air: the heat necessary to evaporate the water is pulled from the air that thus sees reduced its temperature. The operating system of water coolers Aquarial increases the latent heat at the expense of the sensible heat, without external power supply.

Evaporative cooling: the oldest cooling system

The evaporative cooling is the oldest known system of cooling of the domestic environments and is based on the simple physical principle of ‘evaporation of the water that evaporates and extracts heat from the surrounding environment. To refresh the indoor air of homes, the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used to use a wet cloth when the wind blew through wet clothes hanging on the doors and windows, water evaporation to cool the air ‘ inner housing; The Indian population was using this method to refresh the royal palaces. Even the tanks of fresh water present within the ancient Roman villas had, in addition to ornamental function, the function of keeping cool environments through continuous evaporation .

By choosing,t water air coolers you can choose the most suitable system for your needs, your space and your budget to refresh your summer: fixed or movable equipment, purchase, rent with option to buy or rent, for single events or all season.

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