Outdoor Cooler 8000

 outdoor cooler 8000
8000 Outdoor Cooler

Whatever You do, Wherever You Go,

This evaporative outdoor cooler is ideal for refreshing environments of small to medium-sized or for outdoor spot cooling of certain areas or individual cooling machines.

The evaporative coolers are the solution efficient, economical and environmentally friendly for cooling of the work environment, specially outdoors. They require no installation, they can be easily positioned, moved and ready to use.

The outdoor air cooler is equipped with LED wall control panel, remote control, manual drain and water cleaning system shutdown.

Outdoor Cooling Within Budget

With an expenditure of less than 2 AED per day, the 8000 m3/h outdoor cooler could freshen up to 100m² of air in a single environment, has a power of 350 W and a water consumption of 9 liters per hour.

This air cooler can be used, alone or in synergy with other fixed or mobile coolers, for outdoor cooling of individual areas of the shed, individual workshops or patios.

Unlike conventional air conditioning systems, the portable coolers refresh the interior with open doors and windows and can also be used to ‘external to refresh terraces, banquets, receptions outdoors etc.



  • For business or commercial environments up to 100 sqm (one room).
  • For  localized cooling  of individual workstations, certain areas of the shed or individual machines;
  • For external cooling of terrace, gardens, open air events;