Evaporative air coolers : how it works?

how evaporative air coolers work

The evaporative cooling is the oldest known system of cooling and it is based on the physical principle of water evaporating effect lowers the temperature of the surrounding air.

In physics it the evaporation is the process of physical transformation of the material from liquid to vapor causing variables of a thermodynamic system (pressure, temperature, volume) from one physical state to another without heat exchange with the environment.

In essence, the evaporative cooling is an adiabatic process consists of the exchange of energy between water and air: the energy required to evaporate the water is drawn from the air that loses some of its heat.

Evaporative Air Cooler Sensible heat and latent heat

The energy possessed from the fact it consists of two parts: the sensible heat, or what we perceive and which is quantified by measuring the temperature and the latent heat, is the energy that is used to evaporate the water.

The refrigeration effect by water evaporation guaranteed by evaporative air coolers is the exchange of energy between water and air: the heat necessary to evaporate the water is pulled from the air that causing reduction of the temperature.

The adiabatic evaporative cooling system of coolers Aquarial thus increases the latent heat at the expense of the sensible heat, without external power supply.

Practical Operation of an Evaporative Cooler

An  evaporative cooler adiabatic Aquarial consists of:

-an evaporating panel or cooling panel evaporative

-a system of distribution of ‘ cold water to keep the panels constantly wet

-a fan interior that draws air and conveys against the evaporating panel to return it to the environment refreshed and purified

The fan located inside the evaporative cooler adiabatic draws air from the environment; once sucked, the air passes through the evaporator panel, a constantly wet cellulose panel from a distribution plant and water pumping. Soaked through the alveoli of water evaporating panel, the air cools down by heating the water that evaporates. This creates the system of the adiabatic evaporative cooling.

At the exit of the adiabatic evaporative coolers, the air will be fresh, clean and purified from odors, germs or airborne particles, for a refreshed environment in an economic and ecological way.
At the end of the operation, the evaporative cooler adiabatic Aquarial download water residue contained in its interior, to avoid any stagnation.

Evaporative cooler: Choose between fixed or mobile installations

An evaporative cooler can ensure a constant flow of fresh air in hot and unpleasant environments, tailored to your needs, your space and your pockets: fixed or movable equipment, with the purchase formula, rental or rental with purchase option for individual events or for the whole season.

A fixed industrial evaporative cooler replaces effectively and efficiently a traditional air conditioning system, from the point of view of management, operation and installation costs. In addition, it spreads fresh air even in the case of environments with open doors and windows.

A Mobile evaporative cooler has a chance to be placed at the point of greatest interest, in places particularly prone to overheating and is an ideal product for open spaces.
It refreshes ecologically your summer! An evaporative cooler  can choose fresh air to measure


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