environment-friendly cooling

Ecological and natural fresh with evaporative coolers and cooling systems

The evaporative coolers cool environments so ecological and natural, using the principle of ‘evaporation, without the use of coolants and with reduced energy and water consumption. The contribution of electrical energy needed is limited in fact the feeding of a normal fan used to create the air flow.

Coolers and cooling systems refresh and purify the environment so environmentally friendly and quiet, making it more comfortable and more healthy, just by using water: the hot air is sucked in and passes through redolent of water filters, called evaporative panels, which reduce the temperature and retain the dust. The air returns to the environment so refreshed and purified in a totally environmentally friendly.

environment-friendly cooling

Unlike conventional air conditioning systems and air conditioning, the cooling systems of Aquarial are completely environmentally friendly and do not use refrigerants will ‘ gas containing CFC, harmful to the atmosphere and among those responsible for the ozone hole.

In addition, evaporative coolers Aquarial have a consumer in terms of energy 10 times less than a traditional air conditioning system: only 1.1 kW of electrical power to refresh an area of 250m².

Coolers and cooling systems: the ecological solution for every environment

Evaporative coolers and Aquarial cooling systems are the ideal solution for so refreshing ecological interior spaces, small or large, with doors and windows open and can be used for outdoor spaces. The evaporative coolers reciprocate the air in environments that have up to 25 times an hour, wiping so natural and ecological environment of smoke, dust and noxious fumes, making it more pleasant working environment and improving productivity.

The of cooling systems are the most innovative, economical and ecological to bring a fresh natural and eco-friendly in every workplace, home or play, internal or external, when the summer heat becomes unbearable, guaranteeing constant air exchange.

With evaporative coolers and cooling systems of you can guarantee cooling and ventilation of large areas at a cost of less than 1 AED per day, so environmentally friendly and in full respect of the environment.

How to choose between coolers and cooling systems for your ecological fresh

Each space and unique environment, given the size and type of production to which it is dedicated, it needs a system of ad hoc cooling and tailored. air coolers have considered the needs of each work environment, studying customized solutions for small, medium and large environments.

If cool small areas are affordable for coolers portatilio mobile, quick and environmental, for unique large-size environments the solution cooling systems is ideal for safe fresh, environmentally friendly and efficient.

Choose the solution of evaporative cooling systems can also provide for the installation of multiple machines, for localized cooling, dedicated to specific sectors and/or machinery. The advantage of having fresh air localized leads to an improvement of the welfare conditions in the workplace: an advantage for productivity and safety of those who work.

The evaporative cooling systems are an effective aid in outdoor environments and permanent outdoor facilities, dedicated to events and exhibitions. Advantages of installing the Aquarial cooling systems is to get more fresh air, ecological and tailored, so economical.


Choose our evaporative air coolers, fresh economic, ecological and natural!