Fixed installed air evaporative coolers

installed evaporative coolers

The fixed industrial evaporative air coolers are an environment-friendly solution, economic and innovative to refresh and clean the air in medium and large spaces: industries, buildings or areas where the temperature is often very high.

Product range


Window cooler

Window air cooler

The fixed  WINDOW cooler belongs to the range of fixed window coolers designed for large industrial environments. The fixed WINDOW air cooler allows you to refresh the entire workspace or specific areas of the shed: it has a power of 460 W, a water consumption amounts to 10-12 liters per hour and a noise level […]

Fixed Evaporative air cooler

Fixed Evaporative air cooler

The fixed installed evaporative air cooler is ideal for cooling industrial areas of medium and large. The spearhead of the line of stationary industrial coolers is part of the coolers Aquarial range designed for large workspaces, characterized by high summer temperatures and the need for frequent exchange of air. It has a power of 1100 W […]