Portable air outdoor coolers

Portable air outdoor coolersPortable outdoor coolers don’t require installation, they are easily positioned and if necessary move them to any place, ideal for event and outdoor cooling. Also available for rental in UAE. These are evaporative coolers meaning they rely on water evaporation to cool the air. They don’t have a compressor, so the energy consumption in very little.


Product range


Floor standing Air cooler

Floor Standing Air Cooler

The Floor standing Air cooler is ideal for refreshing of medium and small sized environments. The Floor standing Air cooler are the solution efficient, economical and environmentally friendly localized cooling of interior or exterior spaces. They do not require installation, they can be easily positioned and transportable and ready to use. Floor standing Air cooler, the […]

mini portable air cooler

Indoor portable air cooler 3000

  The 3000 indoor portable cooler is ideal for cooling small rooms. The solution is efficient, economical and ecological useful for localized cooling of spaces both indoors and outdoors. Portable coolers require no installation, they are portable,  easily positioned and ready for the ‘ immediate use. The 3000 m3/h portable air cooler is quiet and pleasing […]

Industrial Air cooler

Industrial air cooler 12000

The 12000 industrial air cooler is ideal for cooling large work spaces outdoors, or indoors with doors and windows open to avoid humidity accumulation. This outdoor cooler was 1st choice for workshops in Dubai for last 2 years.   For Both Employees & Machines The high temperature that is generated in summer into industrial halls creates […]

dubai outdoor cooler

Outdoor Cooler 8000

Whatever You do, Wherever You Go, This evaporative outdoor cooler is ideal for refreshing environments of small to medium-sized or for outdoor spot cooling of certain areas or individual cooling machines. The evaporative coolers are the solution efficient, economical and environmentally friendly for cooling of the work environment, specially outdoors. They require no installation, they can be easily positioned, […]