Indoor portable air cooler

mini portable air cooler
Mini Portable Air Cooler


This indoor portable cooler ideal for cooling small rooms.

The solution is efficient, economical and ecological useful for localized cooling of spaces both indoors and outdoors. Portable coolers Aquarial require no installation, they are portable,  easily positioned and ready for the ‘ immediate use.

The portable air cooler is quiet and pleasing aesthetics. Designed for small and home environments, it has a power of 110 W and can cool up to 50 m 2 of air, consuming only 3 to 5 liters per hour. It is equipped with a control panel LCD wall, remote control, ionizer, swing, exhaust system and manual water.

Unlike conventional air conditioning systems, which work in environments with doors and windows closed repeatedly by recycling the same air, the cooler laptop AQU 3,000 M refreshes, filtered and reciprocates the air so environmentally friendly and quiet, even with open windows and doors and with a lower installed costs.


air cooled surface:
50 square meters – unique environment
Water consumption:
3-5 l / h
110 W
48 x 36 x 96 cm
noise level:
≤ 65 db



  • Unique small business and commercial environments,  up to 50 m 2
  • Localized cooling of interior environments of small size and  external: shops, retail, churches, restaurants, and pizzerias, bars, caravans, and boats.
  • Localized cooling  domestic

This portable cooler is ecological and economical; refreshes and purifies the air of environments and domestic spaces with a  cost of less than € 1 per day and making exclusive use of the natural principle of ‘ evaporation.

Change the air of small rooms it is important to avoid the dell ‘phenomenon indoor pollution  (pollution of indoor environments). This was stated by one of the Sheffield University study (UK) which tells of ‘ air pollution in the kitchens of the city apartments. In summer, the arrival of the warm indoor air worsens the situation and makes the ‘ unlivable home environment.