Factory cooling

factory cooling

Our air coolers line cools and purifies the air by simply using the natural principle of evaporation to bring a steady stream of fresh air in hot and unpleasant environments.

A fan placed inside the air coolers draws air from the environment; once sucked inside the machine, the air passes through a constantly wet panel thanks to a distribution system and pumping water, said evaporator panel. Crossing the evaporator panel, the air cools down by heating the water that evaporates. This creates a system of natural evaporative cooling. At the exit of the air cooler, the air is cooled, cleaned and purified from odors and germs.

The systems of air coolers Aquarial, fixed and mobile, are manufactured using durable and safe materials, are easy to use and allow you to breathe clean air of 100% environmentally friendly and economical way.

Air Coolers, the same cool feeling of a mountain waterfall

The cool feeling generated by the evaporation of water is the same cool feeling that is felt after a thunderstorm  summer, when you’re near a waterfall or when out of the water on a hot summer day: it is the feeling of cooling evaporative, generated by the water that evaporates, causes a drop in temperature.

The energy possessed from the air consists of two parts: the sensible heat, or what we perceive and which is quantified by measuring the temperature and the latent heat, ie the energy required to evaporate the water contained in the air in the form of steam.

The air cooling system of the line  Aquarial increases the latent heat at the expense of the sensible heat, without external power supply. The refrigeration by evaporation consists precisely in the exchange of energy between water and air: the heat necessary to evaporate the water is pulled from the air which decreases its temperature.

Evaporative cooling: the oldest system to keep you cool

The evaporative cooling is the oldest system used for cooling of the domestic environments and is based precisely on the principle of ‘ evaporation of the water that evaporates and removes heat from the surrounding environment.


Evaporation Water Cooling History

To cool the air inside the home, the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used to use of wet clothes, which were hung on doors and windows; when the wind blew through the clothes, water evaporation cool air inside the house; The Indian population was using this method to refresh the royal palaces. Even the water tanks cool inside the ancient Roman villas had, in addition to ornamental function, the function of keeping cool environments through continuous evaporation of water.

Choosing the air coolers Aquarial you can choose the system evaporative cooling best suited to your needs, to your space and your budget: fixed or movable equipment, purchase, rent with option to buy or rent, for single events or a whole season.

You’re cool, will do the rest